This blog is the product of a group effort to improve the baseline skill set needed to provide the services of our organization.  To help us do this, we are pursuing industry recognized credentials.  More specifically, we are pursuing Cisco Career Certifications.  Our trials, efforts, and cries for help in aim to achieve these credentials will be documented here, on NetSG.  By doing so, we hope to also provide an internetworking community outlet that discusses and captures the successes, failures, and breakthroughs that we all go through in pursuit of professional development.

The goals of the individuals of this group are varied:

  • I (brentleekley) am finishing up my tenth year in this field, which began courtesy of the US Navy.  I hold the CCNA, CCNP & CCIE #24221 credentials.
  • Another member of our group is a seasoned implementation engineer with experience in the banking industry, local governments, and enterprise operations.  His strength’s lie in understanding the organization’s goals and bending technology to fit, but his best quality is his confident, calm, and collected manner, a rarity in this field.  He has only recently become interested in acquiring industry credentials, even though he doesn’t really need them.  He has expressed much interest in the CCNA along with CCNA Voice specialization.
  • The newest member to our group (let’s call him Kevin), has spent the last few years in the field delivering telecom projects.  Before that he was doing what many of us did when we first started out, help desk and high-level system administration.  He is a very quick learner, meticulous, and motivated.  He too, is new to the idea of industry credentialing, but he wants to know everything there is to know.  Kevin is at the starting gates, with aspirations of passing the CCNA.  He is one of those guys you know are going to be smarter than you within nine months.

So follow along as we try to make our selves better for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and – oh yeah – the organization we care so much about.  Let us know how we’re doing, and lend a helping hand if you see that we are in need.


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